Top 10 Coffee Recipes with Alcohol for the Holidays

Top 10 Coffee Recipes with Alcohol for the Holidays

What’s the best way to get warm when it’s freezing outside? Try a coffee recipe with a bit of alcohol. You will get warm and refreshed in no time. Explore the top coffee recipes with alcohol and try them all this holiday season.

Irish Coffee

The granddaddy of coffee cocktails, this is a drink which you should definitely have during the winter. The ingredients include hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar. The blend is topped with thick cream. Yummy!

Espresso Martini

Served in the same glass as classic Marini, this drink is an exquisite blend of espresso, vodka and liqueur. While the first two ingredients should be in equal amounts, you can add an extra half of the third one to make your drink even more aromatic and flavorsome.

Cafe Royal

Treat yourself to this delicious coffee drink recipe, which is extremely easy to prepare. Just pour a cup of freshly brewed coffee into a glass and add half an ounce of your favorite chocolate liqueur and one and a half ounces of your preferred coffee liqueur. Stir well and enjoy with sugar and/or whipped cream.

Chocolate Mocha Latte

Put equal amounts of espresso and your favorite coffee liqueur in a glass. Then double the amount of skim milk and stir. The special ingredient is chocolate syrup to taste. This cold drink is best served on ice. It’s more than refreshing.

Grand Coffee

This is another simple coffee recipe. Pour four ounces of coffee into a glass and add cognac to taste. Then stir and you’re done. You can choose to add sugar or sugar syrup. Whipped cream is the ideal garnish.

Cafe Don Juan

You will need five ounces of hot black coffee, an ounce of rum and an ounce of coffee liqueur. Stir all ingredients together and add sugar to taste. For the garnish, you can use whipped cream and grated chocolate.


The first ingredient of this recipe is naturally coffee. You will need four ounces of it. Then comes the special ingredient – honey whiskey. One and a half ounces of it would be sufficient. To make the drink sweet, add brown sugar syrup to taste.

Baileys Irish Cream Coffee

You will need one cup of freshly made coffee and one and a half ounces of Baileys Irish Cream. Mix them together in a glass and you’re done. You can also add whipped cream and a cinnamon stick to make the drink absolutely perfect.

Paradise Found

You will need six ounces of coffee, an ounce of rum and an ounce of butterscotch schnapps. You can add sugar to this coffee recipe with alcohol and whipped cream on top too. It will be utterly delicious and you’ll certainly want more of it.

Mexican Coffee

Use this one of the top coffee recipes with alcohol when you want something really fiery in your glass. You will need a cup of coffee, an ounce of coffee liqueur and an ounce of tequila. It is best if you use anejo tequila which has rich aroma. Carefully stir all ingredients together and enjoy.

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