Top 10 Mixed Drink Apps

Top 10 Mixed Drink Apps

There are mobile apps for everything these days including ones for preparing and finding the best mixed drinks. If you are a fan of liquor treats, you will find these specially designed apps to be extremely helpful. The question is how to pick one for your smartphone and/or tablet. Take a closer look at the top mixed drink apps available at present.

Mixology – iOS, Android

This mixed drink app offers virtually everything which you need, from exciting recipes to a locator, designed to help you find the nearest liquor stores and bars given your location. The Liquor Cabinet feature is among the most useful. You just need to enter what liquors and mixers you have available and you will get a list of recipe suggestions.

Cocktail Flow – iOS, Android

With hundreds of cocktail recipes to choose from, this mixed drink app can help you become a genuine bartender at home. You can browse recipes by various categories including events. “Share” what ingredients you have with the app and it will show you what you can make with them.

Lush Cocktails – iOS

The hundreds of recipes and the multiple ingredient recipe search are just some of the impressive features of this mixed drink app. It helps you pick the ideal cocktail for your mood or for an event with its curated shortlists. The flavor profiles work in a similar way, but flavors lead the way in this case.

Onthebar – Android

This app makes it easy to connect with bartenders and fellow cocktail lovers in the hunt for the ideal drink. You can also keep a journal of your favorite drinks and bars. The fun is guaranteed every time when you go out.

Highball – iOS

With this app, you can create your own unique cocktail recipe book. Add classic recipes and ones which you have come up with yourself. The app enables you to share your favorite drink recipe cards on the social networks.

BarNotes – iOS

If you want to be part of a community devoted to cocktails, this is the mixed drink app for you. You can get exclusive recipes from some of the top mixologists in the world in addition to sharing your favorites.

My Cocktail Bar – Android

This mixed drink app is ideal for those who are learning how to make cocktails at home. It’s got lots of recipes, clever search options and very detailed instructions on how to make the perfect drink.

PDT Cocktails – iOS

This mixed drink app is designed for bartenders, but if you have rich experience in making cocktails at home, you can give it a try. It offers hundreds of recipes from the specialists of the famous PDT bar in New York.

Martin’s Index of Cocktails and Mixed Drinks – iOS

As its name suggest, this mobile app is an encyclopedia for cocktails and mixed drinks. It includes over 2,400 recipes and their number is expected to increase. It’s great to learn not only how to make drinks, but also who’s invented the recipes, when and how.

Cocktail Team – Android

With its great photos and dictionary of terms, this app is a great helper when it comes to making cocktails. You can choose from over 250 recipes.

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