Top 10 Vodkas in the World

Top 10 Vodkas in the World

Crisp and pretty much neutral in flavor, vodka is the best alcoholic beverage to enjoy with rich appetizers or in a cocktail. It is great to drink straight too. Take a closer look at the top vodkas in the world right now and make a choice.

Beluga Gold Line

Price: $90

With its sophisticated taste and balanced structure, this Russian vodka is the ideal combination between boldness and subtlety. Its perfect transparency and shine will certainly dazzle you. Made by one of the best brands in the world, this vodka is ideal even for those trying the beverage for the first time.

Belvedere Silver Saber

Price: $129

The Polish brand Belvedere has become synonymous to luxury and quality in the world of vodka. Belvedere Silver Saber will leave you bewitched from the moment you look at its exquisite bottle. This medium-bodied vodka has a velvety texture with slight vanilla notes and a nutty finish.

Stolichnaya Elit

Price: $60

This Russian grain-based vodka is one of the smoothest you can ever taste. It is made of wheat and rye and distilled at a temperature of around zero Fahrenheit. The subtle spicy finish is one of the things which make it unique.

Crystal Head

Price: $50

The crystal skull bottle is the first thing which will impress you about this vodka which is one of the purest that you can find. It has no additives and this gives is a strong flavor which will certainly not leave you impartial. The end notes of spice and vanilla are totally charming.

Chase Vodka

Price: $50

The finest English vodka is made from gluten-free potatoes which are grown and processed at the Chase family farm. The result is a full-bodied texture with a unique buttery scent.

Absolut Elyx

Price: $50

This one of the top vodkas in the world comes from Sweden. It is made from wheat and distilled by hand in a copper tank from 1921. It is smooth and delicious. You can enjoy it straight and in any popular vodka cocktail.

Double Cross

Price: $50

This unique 7-times distilled vodka is made from fermented what in a distillery in Slovakia. It has a smooth creamy texture and fine clear flavor. It’s a delight to drink after a long day.

Spiritual Vodka

Price: $200

Made in New Zealand, this one of the best vodkas in the world, according to experts and those who love this type of drink. It is gold medalist from the 2014 edition of San Francisco World Spirits. It is distilled with Manuka honey which is unique to New Zealand and has an incredibly subtle feel.

Diamond Standard Vodka

Price: $100

This 4-times distilled grain-based vodka is made by Siedlce Distillery. The unique thing about it is the use of diamonds in the distillation process. It has a crystal-clear color and a balanced body. The smooth flavor makes it a great choice for any occasion.


Price: $80

This six-times distilled grain-based vodka comes from the French manufacturer Merlet & Fils. It is absolutely delicate and smooth. You are bound to fall in love with its cool flavor.

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